R-Type Demake for Google Forms Released

Never thought I’d write that as a headline. I’d been kicking around the idea of doing level three of the classic arcade game R-Type as a ‘Fighting Fantasy’ style multiple choice for a while though, and when Google Forms released logic branching functionality I had just the tale to try out in it.

What Google’s tool lacks in media functions (no URL links, no images – which means I’ve been unable to include the awesome artwork (above) my friend Andrew Hunt created) it makes up for in feedback and flexibility. I can email, embed and send my story as a link. And because it’s a form I (and anyone who completes it) can see at a glance how many people have been through it as well as view a Google Analytics-style graphic breakdown of stats showing paths taken through the adventure etc.  A really neat benefit of telling the story using a stat-based tool, that.

That said, I don’t think anyone else has done anything this big using Forms before. No-one else seems to have reported that the drop down to select the page you want your branches to take the user to doesn’t scroll. This means you can only select the page references options that fit on your screen.  Fine if you’ve got 20 pages but I had to reduce text size to the size ‘microdot’ to fit my 52 pages in.

But for slightly more modest stories, especially ones where there’s a benefit to feedback on user choices, it’s a great fit.  I’m certainly going to propose it to clients in the future for role-playing content and I’ve got a couple of ideas for using it elsewhere as well.

For now though, here’s the link.  R-Type for Google Forms.

Anyone else hacked a story through an interesting route?  Use the comments box to tell us!

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